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September 2018.


Record cold hovers over Kissimmee, Florida this winter and thousands are glad.Back for its third season, The Ice Kingdom creates a frozen winter wonderland at the resort from November 19th to January 2nd,. Artisans from Harbin, China start sculpting ice castles, bridges, polar bears and other figures in October. They work in a huge enclosure chilled to 9 degrees that is nicknamed the Florida Fridge. Four-hundred pound blocks are trucked here from Cairo, Georgia, the closest supply for the crystal clear ice that is used in many of the sculptures.While the temperature often climbs into the 80’s outside, visitors put on loaned parkas and step into a frozen fantasyland. They walk through a forest populated with Polar Bears and Penguins and see a life-sized Nativity and a sparkling Cathedral.About 150,000 people visited the show last year, many local residents came just to enjoy a chilly blast of winter. They posed for

Panda ice carving at ICE Kingdom in Gaylord Opryland Hotel - Nashville, TN Orlando, Florida. In this city of palm trees and 80 degree weather, where 90 theme parks compete ferociously for the 20,000 tourists who arrive daily, the latest attraction might seem an unusual draw for late snowbirds fleeing the cold north; Ice.. Tons of it! Move over Mickey Mouse, the ice sculptors have arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. for thirty-five days they’ve chiseled through two million pounds of ice to create a 20 000 sq ft winter wonderland. The deep freeze extravaganza was created to promote a local resort hotel, which spent more than 1 million dollars to house it in an insulated tent in its convention centre. Air conditioners and blowers preserve the carvings at a cool nine degrees. In one area, two life-size toy soldiers, carved from blocks of blue and red ice, guard the steps to a

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