The Ice Kingdom

As seen by millions of people around the globe, The Ice Kingdom is a 15,000 sq. foot frozen wonderland made entirely out of ice. Gigantic ice sculptures of buildings, animals, people and places are beautifully recreated by an international team of expert ice carvers.

Over 2 million pounds of ice are used in each ice exhibition and the ice sculptures are internally lit by state of the art LED lighting design. It’s not just transparent ice that is used but every imaginable color is carved into this towering ice attraction that is up to 40 feet high.

Refrigerated to a chilly -5 Centigrade the visitors are given Parka Jackets as they walk through the beautifully created ice experience. The ice sculptures are reproduced with such incredible detail that they have to be seen to be believed.

ISA is capable of designing any imaginable theme

While our most popular theme is The Nutcracker, we can create whatever Ice Kingdom theme moves you. Here are some of our previous custom attraction themes.

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The Ice Kingdom



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