Snow Carnival Junior

The amazing indoor attraction where guests are immersed in a world of snow play and wonder is now available on a smaller scale for both indoor and outdoor venues. Introducing Snow Carnival Junior, an ideal attraction for State and County Fairs, Shopping Centers and Malls, Amusement Parks, Casino and Hotel Properties and More! With real snow falling, an interactive Snow Experience Unlike Any Other Awaits!

Do you need an activity to generate foot traffic?

We have the know-how, equipment and solution you need! We can create and operate a winter playground in your shopping mall and provide all the equipment and expertise to make it a success.

Our machines and expertise are used all around the world to entertain and attract crowds to play in the snow.

Fresh snow to build snowmen, throw snowballs and play in the snow are our speciality and we are certain your customers will enjoy these activities.

We have the latest and safest high capacity snow making machines available in the market place and we are ready to service you.

Through our network we can provide freshly made snow delivered or made freshly on site for any major event catering for tens of thousands of people.

Whether it is an indoor event or outdoor event, we can create the perfect snow attraction with our equipment to create foot traffic for your shopping center.

We can create and operate this winter playground in your shopping mall and provide all the equipment and expertise you need to make this a huge hit with your tenants and customers.

We specialize in facilitating events using real snow in temperatures well above freezing.

We have more than 35 years experience in operating snow events and we will do our best to provide you with the winter wonderland experience you’re dreaming of.

It's our passion to deliver amazing, real snow events. So, if you have an idea, we’d love to hear it.

Years of Experience Gives Us the ‘Snow-How’

For all imaginable snow and ice entertainment experiences, ISA provides top-of-the-line solutions with a creative flair known for innovation and originality. Our “snow-how” is based on years of experience producing snow and ice themed events across the globe.By continuously researching and developing our events, we provide services ranging from turnkey projects to separate specialized advice and products. The ISA team has the technological, commercial and design experience to deliver memorable events unlike any others.

Ensuring a Memorable Experience

Snow carnival Junior

Our processes ensure that budgets are maintained and that the highest quality event in terms of finish, environment, safety and the overall final experience are delivered. Our clientele can relax in knowing that ISA is always working hard to achieve maximum returns for them by using the best and most efficient solutions tailored to their location and facility.

Theme and water parks, shopping malls, casino and resort properties, family and urban entertainment centers, sports facilities, malls, shopping centers, summer and winter resorts are just a few places where Snow Carnival Junior can take place, providing instant fun.

You have a choice of various above and below freezing snowmaking systems for snow play, snow domes, science centers, winter events and more.

Your Guests Are Immersed in Snow Play and Wonder

Snow Carnival Junior, presented by ISA International Special Attractions, is a an amazing snow and ice experience for kids of all ages. Because our full feature Snow Carnival event provides a storybook experience of exploration, wonder, and play, we’ve made sure that Snow Carnival Junior incorporates these elements as well in order to maximize the guest’s fun-filled expectations. Snow carnival Junior also offers a wide variety of revenue producing opportunities for the host facility by way of foot traffic as well as other potential revenue streams like admissions, parking, food & beverage, merchandise, and sponsorship.

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Snow Carnival
Nov. 23 - Jan. 8

Aventura Mall in Miami, FL


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